• SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING & MATH {STEM)SCIENCE CLASSEngage Students in Scientific Inquiry as they Understand physics from real data, like zero G on a swing Collect data from the built-in sensors on the iPhone & iPad Study the earths magnetic field See the Stars rotate around the sunCheck out these apps for science class lesson ideas: Accelerometer, Magnetometer and Gyroscope E-M Field G-Force Metal Detector StarsMATH CLASSBring Math Class to Life as Students Quickly plot functions to understand coordinate systems Interact with equations using swipe and pinch gestures Watch a torus degenerate into a sphere Use numeric integration for calculus Fit curves to data with polynomial and linear regression Solve simultaneous equations with matrix math like LU decomposition Use techBASIC as the power-users graphing calculator (see our tutorial blog)Check Out These Apps for Math Class Lesson Ideas: Sin_x and Ball Torus Geometry Integration RegressionPROGRAMMING CLASS Engage students with beautiful interactive graph using just a few lines of code Clear error messages and step-and-trace debugger make programming easy Write a program to collect data from the accelerometer in one class period Learn problem solving skills Write powerful programs to control and interact with the world around them BASIC programming language is easy to learn and widely used Built-in help system answers questions right in the appELECTRONICS & SENSORSThe techBASIC website has numerous tutorials you can modify Turn an iPhone into a magnetometer Build Bluetooth low energy based circuits Turn an iPhone into a Plant Moisture Meter using HiJack Hack a Remote Control car with an Arduino and Bluetooth LE Connect to Bluetooth low energy devices from the iPhone and iPad Collect Data from a model rocket iPhone flight using the TI SensorTag Access data real-time from the built-in accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope sensorsFREE DOCUMENTATIONQUICK START GUIDES FOR THE IPHONE AND IPADSee http://www.
  • Somewhat related to Android Pay is fingerprint support, which will be built into Android M.

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